Sl. No. Name Designation Qualification Subject Email Id
1 Dr Snehal Ghodey Principal & Professor M.P.Th. Musculoskeletal Sciences gsnehavi@gmail.com
2 Dr A. Jeganathan Asso. Prof M.P.Th. Sports jegampt@sify.com
3 Dr. Swati Bhise Asso. Prof M.P.Th. Neuro with Paeds swa_bhise@rediffmail.com
4 Dr. Nigar Shikalgar Asso. Prof M.P.Th. Community Based Rehabilitation nigarns@rediffmail.com
5 Dr. K. Deivendran Lecturer M.P.Th. Neurological devampt@yahoo.co.in
6 Dr. Sayli Thuse Lecturer M.P.Th. Neuro with psychosomatic conditions saylithuse@gmail.com
7 Dr. Kiran Pawar Lecturer M.P.Th. Cardiovascular and respiratory physiotherapy kiran_physio@hotmail
8 Dr. Varoon Jaiswal Lecturer M.P.Th. Cardiovascular and respiratory sciences varoonjaiswal@yahoo.com
9 Dr.Madhura Inamdar Lecturer M.P.Th. Musculoskeletal Sciences madhuraminamdar@gmail.com
10 Dr. Anuradha Sutar Asst. Lect B.P.Th. -- subhashsutar123@rediff.com
11 Dr. Sumitra Sakhawalkar Asst. Lect B.P.Th. -- sakhawalkarss@yahoo.com